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About me

I am Niharika (pronounced as Nee-Haa-Rika), a Senior Marketing Manager with a niche software company. I started my career as an IT consultant and my passion for marketing forayed me into Technology marketing. I have successfully implemented  global marketing programs for Technology organizations and have won awards for it.

Why the name- “The Marketing Dabbler”

There is a lot I still don’t know about marketing and I am in the process of learning continuously in this evolving field of marketing. Hence, the name the marketing dabbler.Through my work I intend to share my learnings, ready-reckoners and knowledge that I have garnered with a wider audience. Through my blogs I want to simplify new concepts and trends in marketing for budding marketeers dabbling in this field.

What Can I DO ?

I have a passion for marketing and enjoy any marketing project-big or small. If you have an interesting project and need my help, drop me a note at [email protected]