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Have you come across Cure.Fit’s latest media ad introducing Fitcash. In their latest campaign, they are encouraging its Fitclub members to work out, meditate and eat healthy to earn FitCash. It is nothing but the points that can be redeemed for any Cure.Fit services. The content of this campaign is not only engaging and meaningful but also promotes lead generation and brand loyalty, thus making the Cure.Fits marketing strategy just right. A steep increase in its revenue and number of subscribers from the past two years is a result of well-executed and cleverly crafted marketing strategy.

What is that they have done, makes their marketing strategy a success. Firstly, they have targeted the right niche audience- fitness evangelists, influencing other enthusiasts. Hence, building the community. Secondly, their message is clear and persuasive- they want to make a healthy lifestyle easier, personalized and affordable. They have leveraged celebrity influencers (Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff and Milind Soman) to create awareness and build brand loyalty. And last but not the least, they have integrated both online and offline marketing channels to tell people who they are, what they offer and how they are different from other fitness centers. 

Cure.Fit is a Bangalore-based start-up, which was founded in 2016 By Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal. It provides holistic health by targeting food, mental health and physical fitness. They are expanding at a stupendous rate and have 200+ fitness studios across 7 Indian cities.  They offer trainer-led work out classes, healthy delectable food through, yoga and meditation classes through and medical services through It has raised $160 million of capital so far and have 400000+ users so far.

Top 4 Marketing Lessons from Cult.Fit


1. Target the Right Audience


Identifying the right set of target customers is the foundation for a successful marketing strategy. Think about the problems your products or services are addressing and then narrow down the audience who would face that problem, you have a smaller audience. Based on additional insights based on the market research (demographics, social media analytics, competition ), helps you derive a niche target audience. The more you understand this niche segment, more focussed and tailored are your promotional campaigns which in turn leads to better RoI.

Cure.Fit’s target audience is urban-dwelling, technology savvy, burn-out consumers who are looking for a healthier lifestyle.  Their health habits are evolving and looking for one-stop solutions for their wellness needs. Cure.Fit addresses their needs by providing an integrated platform that offers fitness solutions ( Cure.Fit), healthy meals (, mental well-being ( and health management solutions (


2. Right Content is the King


Once you have determined your target audience, your next step is to convince this audience about the value your product/service is providing.  Convincing content not only brings in new leads, it also helps organizations to retain existing customers. Hence, the content must be informative, relevant and engaging. A good content strategy has valuable content being produced for the entire journey of the customer. The content should address initial questions on the mind of the potential customer. This helps build trust in the mind of the audience and in a way that influences their buying big behavior.


Cure.Fit combines a range of content marketing strategies- from social media to videos to visuals to reach its target audience. They have got celebrities like Hritik Roshan, Milin Soman, Tiger Shroff, Sindhu and other celebrity athletes talking about their brand. In fact, a good portion of the audience associates Cure.Fit, as a Hrithik Roshan venture.  Other examples include Work out and earn FitCash, videos with the work out of the day, healthy meal recipes and work-out and earn Fitcash. The content has enhanced the brand’s positive perception.


3. Social Media Marketing


Social Media is a powerful source that has provided a platform for millennials to make their voices heard through vlogs. It is widely popular and hence has huge potential to drive traffic, generate new leads and enhance sales. There are so many social media channels available, select the ones where your target audience. Then create a brand message, basically conveying them how great you are or how your product helps them in customer’s language. Consistently post messages to keep the customer engaged. This helps the potential customer to understand your brand, your product and your value proposition.


Cure.Fit has mastered effective social media strategies and have been able to convey their message to fitness zealots effectively. They have chosen Facebook and Twitter as their two main social media platforms.  They are consistently posting relevant fitness messages on these platforms related to daily work-outs, healthy recipes, customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, etc. They have cleverly played #ForTheloveOfFit across digital platforms and have gained a lot of momentum amongst its target audience.


4. Offline Marketing


Great marketing strategies are the ones that integrate both offline and online activities effectively. One of the main objectives of offline marketing to reach out to a wider audience to enhance brand awareness, promote a new product or increase sales.  Many offline strategies can help achieve the objective- be it PR, packaging, community engagements or speaking on relevant topics at events, radio channels, TVs or billboards. This way you are maximizing your customer base.

Cure.Fit has rightly invested in offline marketing and integrated it with digital marketing strategy. Initially, when they began their journey in 2016, they had strategically placed vehicles with Cure.Fit carousels at busy places where their target audience.  They have also effectively leverage radio channels where they have a segment where fitness experts talk about fitness topics and answer some queries of the listeners. They have leverage other media channels like print, media where they have broadcasted their #ForTheLoveOfIt.



Cure.Fit has implemented a successful integrated marketing plan. They have not shied away from experimenting with digital and offline marketing activities to create brand awareness and enhance customer loyalty. In conclusion, marketing done just right.

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